Meet us

at Merle’s

Meet us at Merle's

Our expert team is passionate about their craft. They mix, muddle, shake, and stir to create drinks, experiences, and community. From classic cocktails to innovative concoctions, every sip at Merle’s celebrates flavor.

Est. 2023

Craft Cocktails in the Heart of Wilkesboro, NC

Founder & Owner



Let us introduce you to Erin, the cheerful proprietor of this delightful bar. Erin is a proud mountain mom who enjoys cooking and hiking. When she is not preparing delicious meals or working out, she can be found exploring the outdoors with her husband Michael, and their cute little one, Holland. Erin’s great grandparents lived in the cottage which is now Merle’s and it is through Erin this new community hub for Wilkesboro is possible.




Allow us to introduce Michael, a bar owner who is deeply passionate about App State football, his wife Erin, and baby Holland. A serial entrepreneur, Michael is also the owner of Mountaineer Transportation. If you happen to stop by his bar, don’t hesitate to say hello, though he’s probably running around looking for something to clean. 




Meet LB, the charismatic bartender who can mesmerize with her yarns. Not only does she mix impeccable drinks, but she’s also the mastermind behind epic social gatherings. LB is passionate about gathering with our Queer community, radiating kindness, event hosting prowess, and a knack for storytelling. When you’re thirsty, LB has got you covered. Cheers to that! 🍹🌈

Beverage Mixologist & Owner



Introducing Steph, North Carolina’s Award Winning Mixologist. With a passion for creating the perfect cocktail, Steph is known for her skill and expertise behind the bar. When she’s not mixing up delicious drinks, you can find her tending to her beloved garden or spending time with her furry friend, Koshka. Join Steph for a garden-inspired cocktail party and experience her talent for crafting tasty drinks and creating a sophisticated, and elevated atmosphere.

Let’s Socialize

Connect with us on your favorite social media platforms to stay informed about our seasonal drink menus, events, and local happenings. Join us outside of Merle’s!

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